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Time heals all wounds. It’s hard to believe certain things held me back or as time came around certain events would make me depressed. Years later, I’ve finally forgotten about it all. It’s a pretty refreshing feeling to realize that at one point that situation really shaped how I acted and the person I was. But although the situation will always be with me, it’s nothing I get sad over anymore. I realize that situation added to who I am today, but life goes on and it did. I’ll never forget and I’m glad life happened.

I’ve become more observant. I’ve started to question everything in life. I speak up a little bit more than before and I’m less afraid to ask my silly questions and say what’s on my mind. I want to learn everything there is to know about the people in my lives. I’m so interested in everyone’s culture, everyone’s different thought process.

You can never learn or ask to many questions in life.

I like to think of myself as a good person. Thank you, always and forever.

Calm feel good smiles.

Life is so damn precious. And it is an amazing thing. Today could have been my last night. But something or someone was looking over me. Fate said my life wasn’t time to be over. There are so many emotions to be felt when things like this happen but more than anything I’m so thankful. I’m thankful for those amazing people who take time out of their life to make sure I’m safe and help me, a complete stranger. You people are wonderful. I am thankful for those people who make a career for making sure people are okay and care for the safety of others. I am thankful I am okay and in my bed now able to relax or at least try. I am thankful for all of those who cared to ask if I’m okay, and my best friends and boyfriend and family who helped me.

It’s just life really is such an amazing thing. It has so much to offer, and I will continue to broaden my ways of thinking about things and seeing things. I am becoming conscious and aware. And those two things are amazing.

New Years resolutions … This year my mind set is in a whole different place. I want to work on myself but in a different way of thinking. Yes, I want to exercise more and work on a healthier body but I also want to work on a healthier mind.

1) Pay attention to my thoughts.
2) Turn my negative thinking into positive thinking.
3) Stop judging, everything and everything.

That’s gonna be my top three. Thankful for my boyfriend for always guiding me and letting me see the world from new perspectives.

This section talks about people who ignore the questions that come along with existence, like “what is life about?”, “why am I here?”, “what’s my role in this life?”, ect. And these people instead go through life by just going to school, working, and going through life in a kind of “routine”. I think this is very interesting because of the way society is right now. As kids we are taught, if you can even call it “taught” because as a kid in most situations you really don’t have a choice. But you are ‘taught’ to go to school to get an education to then lead to getting a job which will lead to earning money to have a car and a home and other materialistic things. Never once in school have I been asked to think about the questions which are most important in life, like “why am I here?”. In my own opinion, I believe we are here for a reason and to make a difference but to figure this out, we have to go through our own path in life, which could consist of whatever is right for us. Not what society says we should do, like education. Maybe for some people, the education we get in school called ‘book smarts’ is not the same as the education we can get from traveling to other parts of the world and understanding different cultures and how different people. And maybe this is the type of education some people need to help figure out the answers to the most important questions in life. This applies to me in my religion. As a child, I was not taught about different religions. Instead my parents brought me up as a Christian and I went to CCD which was schooling to teach me about the religion. My parents did not show me as a child that there were options that might fit the type of person that I am better than the religion they had found that best fit them. I learned about different religions by meeting different people in my life and then exploring and asking questions. And still at twenty two years old, I am still exploring religions and what might best fit me. I think religion is a huge part of people’s lives but once again this is something that most people are just brought into and don’t ever think to question. Life to me is about questioning everything.

Did I mention I don’t ever have to prove myself to anyone, so don’t go and try to test me … thanks.

I enjoy retail when people don’t give two fucks. These people who let in consume their lives need to breathe and just stop. #itsjustajob

Negative people and people who are having a bad day and take it out on me are not people I want in my life. Keep your negativity away from me please

When a customer takes the time to read your name tag and address you by your name. It’s the small things. #retail #respect #iappriciatethatshit